Knowin’ stuff, is sooooo hard – LOL

Just Now (Tue 3/29/22) : I went to get my haircut, in preparation for my show this Saturday at the            Seminole Theatre - Gotta look purdy for the show. The gal cutting my hair was friendly, chatty, and very pleasant. It all started out pretty normal, and then...

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Just Now – stupid is everywhere LOL

As I'm trying to build my website, being completely non-technical, I have run into some problems and needed to get some answers. One of the reasons I eventually settled on the web hosting company is they have 24 hour phone support. Yesterday I call up Hostgator, and...

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Finally – A website (again)

As I posted on FB, the last couple years have been challenging for everyone. One of the challenging things I learned about myself from politicians in 2020 is I am considered non-essential - who knew? ! LOLAs I'm sure you all know, entertainment was all but shut down...

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