I LOVE TO PREFACE, and so before posting the link to this video, let me first say;
1. This is not about politics, it is about comedy
2. I am not booked at this club, and will never be booked at this club.
3. I don’t have a big name in comedy
4. What I think is important, ...doubtfully matters much to others ( and shouldn’t matter to others)

That all said, this is a club I am thrilled to have never worked and equally thrilled I will never be asked to work.
This is an extreme example of exactly what I think has been going wrong with comedy for several years now

Also, the content of this video made me laugh out loud, and that’s the only reason I am sharing it, for anyone who may be interested in watching.

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Woke Comedy Club BANS Kurt Metzger & 3 More Comedians!

A Seattle comedy club has rescinded its offer to have a series of comedians perform there after members of the local community objected. One of the...

Just Now ( for the 3rd time this month ): I’m in the backyard watching my dog frolic, when out of the corner of my eye I see a guy walk into my front yard and up to my fence ….

Douchebag : Excuse me, do you mind if I ask you a question ?

Me : Yes

Douchebag : I was ...wondering if……

Me ( interrupting him ) : I said yes.

Douchebag : I heard you say yes.

Me : Great, then we are done.

Douchebag : I just wanted to ask ……..

Me ( interrupting again ) : You ASKED me if I MINDED if you asked a question. I said yes. I’m not sure why you asked and then ignored my answer. So let me be more clear; Do I mind if you ask me a question? YES. I MIND.

Douchebag : I just wanted to see if you were interested in getting a new roof.

Me: You’re not very bright. We’re done !

Douchebag : But with insurance you could get a free roof

Me : How about this, GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY.

Douchebag : You don’t have to be an asshole

Me: Clearly I do have to be an asshole, because you haven’t left yet.

Douchebag : Fuck You


Just Now: I’m out running errands and stop by Costco for a few things. Before heading into the store I go to customer service to ask when I need to renew my membership…………..

Rep: Did you need some help ?

Me: Do people sometimes just stand here in line to kill time ?
Rep: What ?

Me: Nothing. Yes, I had a quick question.
I wanted to ask when my card expires ?

Rep (pointing): If you come with me to that computer, I can tell you when you are going to expire.

Me: You mean when my card expires ?

Rep: Sir I need to go to that computer to see when you expire.

Me: Wow, that is more information than I expected, and this will most likely change all my decisions going forward.

Rep: What ?

Me: Most people probably wouldn’t want to know when they are going to expire, but I think that is valuable information.

Rep (checking the computer): Sir, you will expire next month, in March

Me: Well shit, I better get to work on my bucket list. Thank you

Rep: Have a blessed day

He absolutely never picked up on the conversation I was having. That made it much funnier to me.
I guess Costco has a heavenly computer system

So, yesterday I sent my son a copy of the email ( see below ) from NataliaFlip - the 25 year old bisexual who cooks tasty, along with a text saying that even though I told him I would probably never date again, I found the one, my soulmate and I couldn’t wait to introduce him to his future ...stepmom

He called me a few hours later.
When I answered the phone, he screamed at me, “ WHAT THE F**K DAD?!!!”

It turns out, he didn’t receive the copy of the email - he only got my written text

Initially he was not happy with me!
When he finally saw the email he calmed down and started laughing.

In movies, music can make all the difference………

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I know I said I would probably never date again, BUT, I just received this email and I think she could really be the one ♥️