Hey N W Arkansas, I‘ll be seeing y’all at the end of April !
April 28 & 29 I’ll be performing at The Grove
in Lowell, AR

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Flip Orley - Feb 2023 Newsletter: Upcoming shows & my eyebrows gave up

I thought about their lack of loyalty, and belief that I had no options. After a short time, I decided I could have eyebrows if I wanted. I didn't...

FUN FACT: In the almost last 5 years I’ve been single, I have not had to purchase Drano - not once !!

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I can't wait to come back to the Dallas Comedy Club !!!!

Something fun to do before Mardi Gras !!!!!!!!!!

I don't write a blog very often. Usually one a month or less. Whether it's a blog, a FB post, an Instagram post, etc, I would rather write something when there is something to say, or when the whim strikes me.
I suppose to my social media detriment, I don't go for posting ...quantity (several posts a day / every day). Instead, I'd rather post something that I want to say -
Upcoming show info, a Just Now story, a possible rant, something I think is really entertaining, or on a rare occasion, something I think that might be interesting or helpful.

Today I am including a link to a blog I just wrote on my website, asking is the demand for tolerance absolute, or are there limits to what is reasonable.

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Anyway, if you have an interest in reading this blog - - part questions / part rant, here is the link............

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