There is at least one – every time !

I hope most of you (hopefully all of you) recognize I try to keep my content free of politics and free of most social controversy. I want my content to include silly / entertaining posts, along with updates to upcoming shows, and possibly some
merchandise  (I may be looking into adding some fun stuff sometime soon)

Even recently, when I posted about the slap at the Oscars, I tried to make it clear, my only serious “takeaway” was not wanting people to think that’s an acceptable way to behave.

So, getting to the reason for this blog. I’ve wanted to write this for a long time. Not because I’m bothered and not because I’m angry, but instead because it consistently happens and I find it consistently funny.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with my perspective (on any subject). I post things I typically find funny. I don’t always point out why I think something is funny, instead I prefer people make their own jokes and come to their own conclusions. I have been forever grateful to have so many funny, smart, clever, FB friends who add so much to my page(s) with their observations, thoughts, and comments. But, in every case there is at least one comment from someone who was offended, or decides to play devil’s advocate, or who didn’t get the joke, or ?????????

This post has never happened, but this is the kind of thing I’m talking about:

My (fictitious) post; I noticed today one of the private space companies is planning a trip back to the moon to see if the moon is made of cheese. Thankfully the government is not funding this journey and this is one decision the government is making I agree with. Thankfully they won’t be wasting tax payer money on a cheese run

The one in every crowd comment: I don’t think you understand how important this moon trip is. What if we set up a colony on the moon and someone who has a lactose intolerant issue signs up to help colonize the moon. That poor person could end up living on the surface of a planet that will give them a bubble gut everyday. I think your post isn’t taking into account the people who will negatively be impacted by the cheese surface. I have lost all respect for you due to your intolerance of people who are lactose intolerant .

Am I exaggerating? Yes
Am I exaggerating A LOT?  NO. I’m really not.

Every time I see a post that attempts to “call me out” due to my lack of understanding  of the issue or my insensitivity,
I literally laugh out loud.


  1. Bubba Peel

    When are you coming back to San Antonio, last time you were here, my wife was on stage with you. If you remember the show, I’m sure you remember her lmao. Hope you come back soon, I need another night like that.

    • Flip Orley

      Thank you very much for getting in touch and for your kind words !
      I love San Antonio and would like to get back there – possibly even this year.
      It will definitely depend on finding a venue that would like to book a date with me, but I will look around.

      Thanks again


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