Knowin’ stuff, is sooooo hard – LOL

Just Now (Tue 3/29/22) : I went to get my haircut, in preparation for my show this Saturday at the            Seminole Theatre – Gotta look purdy for the show.

The gal cutting my hair was friendly, chatty, and very pleasant. It all started out pretty normal, and then took
an odd turn – to geography and history…….

Me: I needed to get my haircut, because I’m working this Saturday in Homestead, FL (near Miami)
Cutter: Oh, what do you do?
Me: I tell jokes and hypnotize people.
Cutter: That sounds interesting. Do you like Florida?
Me: I love Florida. Anytime I’m in South Florida I always fill up on Cuban coffee
Cutter: Oh, do Cuban’s grow coffee?
Me: What?
Cutter: Do the Cuban’s grow coffee or tobacco?
Me: I love Cuban coffee, but I’m not sure what beans they use. As far as the tobacco question; yes I do
believe they grow tobacco in Cuba and they produce cigars people seem to really like.
Cutter: Do we own Cuba?
Me: What?
Cutter: Isn’t Cuba close to us?
Me: Yes, they’re aprox 90 miles off of the coast of Florida.
Cutter: I thought they were close. So, do we own them?
Me: No. They are a sovereign country.
Cutter: We own Puerto Rico, don’t we?
Me: Puerto Rico is a US territory.
Cutter: Well, they’re a small island, so we should own Cuba too.
Me (trying not to laugh, because she has scissors near my head): I don’t think it works that way.
although, we had open relations with Cuba until the Castro revolution.
Cutter: The Castro revolution? When did that happen?
Me: I don’t remember the exact date, but 50’s / 60’s
Cutter: Who’s Castro?
Me: Seriously?
Cutter: Yeah
Me: Fidel Castro. He was the leader of Cuba for decades
Cutter: Who names their kid Fidel? That’s a horrible name. That’s probably why he started a revolution
Me (feeling my jaw slightly gape open, and trying to figure out is she’s kidding) : That’s an interesting theory.

Anyway, the conversation continued, just like that until she was done cutting my hair. When it was all said and
done, I am 100 % convinced she was not kidding. I debated on writing this, because she really was sweet
and I didn’t want to appear to be a jerk. However, it was so funny and surreal, I felt compelled to share it.

Typically, this would be a “Just Now” post on FB. But, this one was so long, and I really didn’t know how
to make it much shorter. The only way I could see to give a real flavor to the conversation was to add
enough of the back and forth so you could feel like you were there with me.



  1. Sherry Kempf

    You must be a magnet. You attract some “unusual “ folks

    • Flip Orley

      Sherry, I definitely run into my share of unusual situations and conversations. I think there is a very good chance I am a magnate…… At least I hope I am. LOL

  2. Daniella

    You should have told her you were thinking of buying Cuba just for the heck of it!! Hahahahahahaha

  3. Leslie Marinaccio


    • Flip Orley

      I know what that symbol means, but I’m not sure what you mean


  4. Mick Saliba

    Good story Flip.

  5. Leigh scott

    Shows how good our public education system works.


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