I’m still not flying – this is just one reason why…

I am happy and grateful to be working and have been having a lot of fun traveling to the many locations around the country.
Coming up in the next several weeks I’ll be in San Diego at Mic Drop Comedy May 27 / 28,
Mckinney, TX at the Comedy Arena June 17 / 18, and The Grove Comedy Club in Lowell, AR June 24 / 25.
Clearly, that’s a lot of driving, however, as of now that still seems like a better option than flying.

Most of my friends assumed I didn’t want to fly due to the mask mandate (which is now over). That was one reason, but
by no means the only reason. I was aware of the number of flights being delayed and cancelled, over the last year which made
it a bit of an anxiety challenge wondering if I would show up to my next gig on time. One of my concerns also has to do with reports
of unruly passengers (both in airports and on airplanes). From my research, there are typically 100 – 200 domestic reports to the FAA
regarding unruly passengers. In 2021 there were over 5000 reports. With all the flights scheduled per day / week / month / year, I know
the likelihood of me encountering an unruly passenger incident was / is very low (but it is not zero). In my mind there is definitely a great disturbance in the force, (I’m using that phrase because I think it’s funny that I’m not a Star Wars fan) and I’m doing my best to navigate
around it.

For some reason, people seem to have become even worse than before the pandemic when it comes to knowing how to behave in
public. Have you ever noticed or thought it was weird, kind of funny, and also sad how movie theaters and other performance venues, especially comedy clubs have to run a quick pre-show reminder telling people how to behave?!?
Please no talking
No recording of any kind
No heckling
No talking on your phone
etc, etc, etc
EVERY SHOW, EVERY VENUE, EVERY DAY – Hey people, please f-ing behave.

Recently, a drunk guy got on a Jet Blue flight in San Francisco that was bound for Florida. The guy sat behind
Mike Tyson. Once they were seated, as I’m sure most of you know, the drunk guy decided to pester the living sh*t out
of Mike Tyson. I read Tyson was initially very calm and asked the guy to chill out. I also read the guy eventually threw a water bottle
at Tyson, which must have been one of the things that led to Tyson turning around and beating the crap out of the drunk guy.
One can only speculate why the drunk guy decided to harass Mike Tyson; Did he think he was being funny? Did he want to get
hit, hoping for a big lawsuit payday? Was he so drunk, he didn’t know what he was doing? So many possible answers to this question.

Personally, if the airline wasn’t aware, or worse, was aware but let it continue, then I think Tyson was well within his rights to
defend himself. It doesn’t matter to me that Tyson is the Ex-Heavyweight champion of the world and this numb-nuts, nobody, loser
was at a physical disadvantage. The drunk should not have the right to harass and disturb someone else without consequences.
Quite frankly, over the years, too many people have become accustom to insulting, berating, harassing, and abusing others
through the anonymity of social media. They can be as rude and abusive as they want and almost never have to suffer
the consequences. It’s interesting when someone takes their online bullying out into the real world,,,, at least in the real world
when you’re on a Jet Blue plane, harassing Mike Tyson.

I’m not Tyson.
I don’t want to be in a small enclosed tube and have to deal with an idiot.
So, for now, I will continue to drive.



  1. Bob Nunn

    Spot on, Hypno Boy Biggest issue I’m sure, above all else, is missing a gig. Nothing is worth the added stress of that. And really, who enjoys even going thru the pain of the TSA strip down, unpack tablets and liquids, and waiting to battle for position to get on board with your carry on before all the spaces are taken. Honestly, I love the road. You see places and things you might otherwise have missed. It takes more time, but then again as they say , “take time to stop and smell the roses”. So, I’m with you on this.

    • Flip Orley

      I could not agree with you more. These days it’s really nice to be in charge
      of my own schedule. I love having the ability to go wherever and whenever I want.
      Plus, much of the country is beautiful and it’s nice to see it all again.

      I’ve flown well over 2 1/2 million miles and will most likely fly again one of these
      days, but for now it’s really nice to have the peace and quiet of my car.

  2. Dave Brooks

    But how do you feel about busses? Trains? Unicycles?

    • Flip Orley

      After seeing the old movie with Steve Martin & John Candy, I’m afraid of busses, trains and planes.
      Unicycles are a remote possibility.


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