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Just Now:  This is kind of a long explanation, but I’ll try to be succinct;
I bought 4 new tires several months ago. The business offers free tire rotation for the life of the tires.
I bring my vehicle to a different company for oil changes, because they sell oil changes in packages of
8 oil changes for a pretty good discount (per oil change).
The last time I got the tires rotated (5000 miles ago), the tire company told me they also did oil changes and asked if I would want to get that done while they were rotating the tires. I told them about the package deal I bought for oil changes, but said I might be interested if the price was competitive. The price the tire store quoted was LITERALLY 3 x more expensive than the package deal I bought. I told the tire people I appreciated the offer and then told them what I was paying (per oil change) for the package deal. Their jaws dropped, and they said I should obviously go to the oil change place.

On Thursday (last week) I called the tire store to schedule an appointment for today to get my tires rotated. The guy who answered my call and scheduled my appointment is the guy I have been dealing with since I bought the tires.

Tire Guy: Can I help you?

Me: Yeah I’d like to schedule an appointment to get the tires rotated. 

Tire Guy: Mr. Orley, when would you like to schedule the appointment?

Me: Can we do it Monday at 10 am?

Tire Guy: I got you down for Monday at 10 am to rotate the tires.

Next I called the oil change place and I scheduled an appointment to get the oil changed this week,
Tuesday at 10 am

I got to the tire rotate appointment on time, said hi to the guys I know and then waited for the work to be done. Roughly an hour later they told me my vehicle was ready.

Tire Guy: I hope that didn’t take too long.

Me: No problem, I appreciate you getting it done. I have a trip next week to Maryland and Delaware.

Tire Guy: Ok, as you know, the tire rotation is free.

Me: yeah, of course, I love that y’all offer that service

Tire guy: So, the grand total is $105.62

Me –  laughing

Tire Guy: Why are you laughing?

Me: That was funny.

Tire Guy: I know the price has gone up, but that’s the price of the oil change.

Me (no longer laughing): What oil change?

Tire Guy: The oil change. You came in to get your tires rotated and for an oil change

Me: No I didn’t. I came in to get my tires rotated. In fact, last Thursday when I called, I spoke to YOU. I asked specifically to get the tires rotated and never mentioned getting the oil changed.

Tire Guy: I don’t know why I thought you wanted to get your oil changed.

Me: I don’t know either. In fact THE LAST TIME I WAS HERE I told you a bought a package deal for
8 oil changes that cost substantially less than y’all charge.

Tire Guy: That’s right. I remember that

(then I pull up my phone calendar to show him my appointment for tomorrow to get the oil changed)

Tire Guy: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I guess you can probably cancel that appointment

Me: Are you F*cking with me? Did you really change my oil or is this a prank?

Tire Guy: Honestly, I thought you were f*cking with me. No, it’s not a prank. We changed your oil.

Me: I fell really bad about that, and as much as I hate saying this; I’m not paying for the oil change.

Tire guy was kind of speechless…………………

Me: The next time I come in to get my tires rotated, y’all aren’t going to f*ck up my vehicle, are you?

Once again, long silence.
So, now I’m not sure what to think. I’m not paying $100 for an oil change I didn’t ask for. But, I still
want the free tire rotation every 5000 miles.



  1. Pat Costello

    That’s Wild

  2. Joe

    The real truth is that he was in one of your shows and you told him every time you called to get your tires rotated, he should also change your oil.

    • Flip Orley

      That’s diabolical genius territory. LOL


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