Private / Group sessions & Workshops :



Private session info:

The first thing I would do is ask someone what they
want to accomplish. After some conversation we
would both need to decide if hypnosis could help
and if we both felt comfortable moving forward. 

The first session usually runs approximately 2 hours
If there are follow up appointments, they usually last
between 1 - 2 hours 

I ask a lot of questions and come up with what
I think is a helpful strategy. 

From that point we would transition into doing hypnosis.
The plan is to be able to tailor the rest of the session to
the individual with thoughts, ideas, and suggestions
that come directly from the conversation   

When I am on the road, I am usually
doing shows every night. In almost all cases,
sessions will need to be during the day often
between 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Also when on the road, for the most part
I would need to meet at the hotel. This might
seem awkward, and if it does I apologize.
However, I do not have an office, so the hotel
will work as my temporary office. 

If for some reason, daytime appointments or
working at my hotel are not possible,
I do offer video conference sessions to
anyone from any location. 



Cost Per Session :

Sessions in person $200

Sessions by video conference $200

$175 per person for 2 - 5 people

$125 per person for 6 or more people 

I accept cash, checks, and Paypal,
and Zelle (QuickPay)

At the moment, I am not set up to take credit cards.
I plan to set up Square (or something similar) sometime soon.  

Thank you for your interest.