Road Stories – Sixth Installment

Years ago I was regularly working at clubs in Southern California. One club in particular I became pretty good friends with a number of the staff. One night after the show, a number of the staff that I was pretty good friends with came back to my hotel for an after-party. 

While hanging out in the hotel we were joking about hypnosis and talking about some possible suggestions. At their request I hypnotized all who were interested and gave suggestions to feel / develop a “buzz”. It was a safe environment and the suggestion(s) would last for a finite period of time and would completely disappear if anyone left the room. The behavior was silly and everyone seemed to have a great time. 

After some time I re-hypnotized my friends and suggested the buzzed feeling would disappear and they would return to feeling and acting normal. We talked about and laughed at what had taken place for the last 30 – 60 minutes. Then the conversation turned to a question of post hypnotic suggestions and what could be possible. Briefly I told them that (almost) all suggestions for self improvement  ( ex. Stop Smoking, eat healthier, etc ) is considered ” post hypnotic ” since it needs to be effective well after the hypnotic session is over. 

The subject quickly turned into a request from the staff that I try a post hypnotic suggestion for them to develop an hypnotic buzz the next night while they were working at the club. The idea seemed intriguing to me and fun to the staff. I decided to, in a carefully worded suggestion, see if the staff could hold onto a suggestion for almost 24 hours. The next night, once the show was under way, I spoke the trigger word into the Mic for the staff to hear without any explanation to the audience. I don’t remember the trigger word, but it was something as silly as, ” Hi, how’s everyone doing tonight? By round of applause is there anyone here tonight who didn’t know I was doing hypnosis? ARTICHOKE ……..”

All of a sudden there was laughing and cackling from the staff (all around the room). It was as funny as anything I could have imagined. Suddenly, along with the hysterics, there was the sound of trays of drinks dropping and glasses shattering as they hit the ground. That led to bigger laughs. Suddenly, the audience, not knowing what was going on, but recognizing the unusual behavior was funny started laughing just as hard. 

I had no idea how many trays / drinks were dropped, but I did know that regardless of how funny it was I had to immediately fix the problem. So, I loudly spoke the other trigger word into the Mic (for all to hear) to sober and “wake up” the staff. The staff immediately responded by sobering up and quickly moved to clean up the mess and replace the drinks. I explained to the audience what had just happened and we all got a pretty good laugh out of it. 

Once the show was over, the audience was gone, and the club was cleaned I sat down with the staff to discuss their experience. They were all amazed at how well it worked and how much fun they had. It taught me a lot – including how powerful a “post” hypnotic can be, and even more important to think through EVERY POSSIBLE RESPONSE I might get from every volunteer. I already spent a great deal of time considering every possible response, but realized I needed to re-double my efforts. 

Still, it worked out to be funny as hell and taught me a lot

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