Road Stories – Fourth InstallmentĀ 

I was working at the Addison Improv (near Dallas,TX).  Shows we’re going really well and we were selling a ton of tickets. Consequently, I was held over for several weeks in a row. I was having a great time staying in one place and working almost every night (Tue – Sun). During that run I was very friendly with a lot of the Improv staff and would frequently get together with them during the day for lunch, movies, etc. 

One day I was out to lunch with one of the male servers that I’d become good friends. As we were eating, I could see a guy a few tables over staring at me. Since the restaurant was close to the Improv and I had already worked there over a month straight with sold out shows every night, I safely assumed he had seen my show recently. We kept eating, and he kept staring. I was getting uncomfortable and said to my friend, “I’m NEVER recognized, so it’s a little uncomfortable to have him stare at us. I wish he would either come up and say hi, or go back to his meal”.

A short time later, he finally got up and headed towards our table. When he got pretty close he said, “I know you”. So I responded, “yes, I’ve been at ……” But he QUICKLY interrupted me, saying, “Not you”!  Then looking over at my friend, “I think I know you. I was at the Improv a couple months ago and I think you brought me a Long Island Iced Tea. I’m sure you were my server. Anyway, I wanted to come up to say hi and thank you for great service”. And then, he walked out.

My friend looked at me and I must have been blushing because I felt like an A-Hole. After a moment of silence, we both started laughing. 

Normally, I wouldn’t have jumped to that conclusion, but I had been there for several weeks and the restaurant was so close to the Improv.

Oh well, like the saying goes, NEVER ASSUME. 

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