Messing around at Costco

Just Now: spending a little time at Costco with the family getting groceries.Our kids like going to Costco for the samples 🙂

We all come up to a sample lady giving out juice. “Honest Kid” juice
Sample Lady (S L): Would you like to try the juice? It’s on sale today.

Me: It seems like the juice is only for his kids.

S L: What? No, this juice is good for all kids.

Me: Not for little liars.

S L: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Me: How many days must a kid go without lying? In other words, how long does a kid have to be honest to get the juice? 

S L: Ahhhhhh, ummm, I guess that depends on you.

Me: If one kid is a fibber, and the other kid is honest, I know the honest kid gets the juice. Does the other kids get water? 

S L – blank stare 

Me: I think the dishonest kid should get tap water. Maybe even water from the bayou.

Sample Lady (finally getting my stupid conversion – now laughing: Oh Yeah, those bad kids can’t have this good juice. That wouldn’t be right. Bayou water is good enough for liars.
My kids (now looking completely, bored, impatient, and embarrassed): can we please just have the juice? 

I completely ran it into the ground on purpose. 
She took forever to get it and my kids just wanted the juice.


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